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Woman who is learning gardening

“Ann taught me so much”

I’ve been in Colorado for almost 4 years and have seriously struggled with gardening, especially flowerpots.

Ann taught me so much about how to build beautiful flowerpots that won’t shrivel up and die in our sunny, dry climate.

My flowers made me so happy last summer, and it wasn’t just that they looked pretty. It was because I could look at my pots and know, ‘I did that.

Jess Sato | Colorado Springs, Colorado

Alex and Caroline - Clients - Go West Gardener

“Ann’s passion for gardening is infectious”

Ann’s visit with us was wonderful. As new homeowners, we weren’t exactly sure what the plants were in our gardens or how to care for them. The internet provided numerous, often conflicting, answers and it was simply overwhelming.

Ann was friendly and relaxed. She provided the perfect amount of coaching, advice and tips to make us feel that maintaining a beautiful space was achievable.

We weren’t sure if someone coming to the house would be worth it given how much information can be found online, but her visit not only cleared up some confusion we had, she also shared local knowledge on what works well for our area and climate.

On top of that, she showed us how to see areas of our landscape that were struggling and shared ideas that would reduce our effort and look beautiful. She has an eye for sustainable gardening that doesn’t require excessive watering. The added bonus of that being less work on our part!

Ann’s passion for gardening is infectious, and now we can’t wait to try adding some new additions to our green space!

Alex and Caroline M. | Denver, Colorado

New gardener

“First time I’ve been successful at gardening”

This is the first time I’ve even remotely been successful at gardening. I’ve never been able to keep anything alive before.

Working with Ann was super fun, and my flowers made me feel so happy. They were the one thing I could do every day that brought me joy.

Monika McBride | Denver, Colorado

New gardener

“It was like having a gardening buddy”

With Ann, it was like having a gardening buddy to help me stay on task. She gently guided me and helped me from getting distracted.

I didn’t expect to enjoy having flowers as much as I did. It was extremely fulfilling.

Claire Eby | Castle Rock, Colorado

Budding gardener

“Growing flowers is so much more rewarding”

Because of Ann’s awesome tips, my annuals are lasting much longer, and my flowers are thriving.

Growing flowers is so much more rewarding. I’m already thinking we should add more flowers next year.

Ana Zellars | Golden, Colorado

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