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Discover 3 Proven Ways to Pick LONG-Lasting Flowers for Your Western Flowerpots

Do you ever feel overwhelmed at the garden center or find yourself thinking, “I have no idea if these flowers are even going to live??” Get the secrets to picking flowers for our tricky western conditions — flowers that bring you joy ALLLLL summer long.

Available on-demand for a limited time
(recorded from a previous session)

Would you like to spend your summer sipping margaritas and enjoying beautiful flowers, rather than replacing dead plants?

You’re in the right place.

 Here’s what you’ll know by the end of this free workshop:

  • The 3 biggest things to think about when choosing flowers for pots in the inter-mountain West, so you set yourself up for long-lasting flowers.
  • How to be a smarter shopper at the garden center.
  • How to avoid shiny object syndrome at the garden center. You know that feeling of: “Ooooh, this flower is so pretty!!” 🙂
  • The best places to buy flowers, so you have good choices for your flowerpots.
  • Awesome examples of flowers for western flowerpots…
  • PLUS, a few problem flowers to avoid.
Ann from Go West Gardener with her flowerpots and garden

Hey there, I’m Ann from Go West Gardener

I’m a Certified Colorado Gardener, dog mama and Midwesterner-turned-Colorado girl.

I teach budding flower gardeners in the intermountain West how to grow beautiful flowers — minus the guessing and overwhelm — so they can spend their summer enjoying their flowers and hearing their friends say, “Wowww!”

(That never gets old!)

Gorgeous flowers await!

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