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Want to create showy flowerpots that last for MONTHS in tough growing conditions, like we have in Colorado and Utah?

Western Flowerpots That Wow

Coming Spring 2023

Be the first to hear when I open my group coaching program—Western Flowerpots That Wow— so you can discover how to create gorgeous flowerpots that last until fall and have your friends “ooooh”ing out loud. (That never gets old!)

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Ann from Go West Gardener with her flowerpots and garden

Why learn from Ann? As other students will tell you…

Woman who is learning gardening

“Ann taught me so much”

I’ve been in Colorado for almost 4 years and have seriously struggled with gardening, especially flowerpots. Ann taught me so much about how to build beautiful flowerpots that won’t shrivel up and die in our sunny, dry climate. My flowers made me so happy, and it wasn’t just that they looked pretty. It was because I could look at my pots and know, ‘I did that!’

Jess Sato | Colorado Springs

New gardener

“It was like having a gardening buddy”

With Ann, it was like having a gardening buddy to help me stay on task. She gently guided me and helped me from getting distracted. I didn’t expect to enjoy having flowers as much as I did. It was extremely fulfilling.

Claire Eby | Castle Rock, Colorado

Budding gardener

“Growing flowers is so much more rewarding”

Because of Ann’s awesome tips, my annuals are lasting much longer, and my flowers are thriving. Growing flowers is so much more rewarding. I’m already thinking we should add more flowers next year.

Ana Zellars | Golden, Colorado

Hey there, I’m Ann

Master gardener. Western garden writer. Colorado girl.

In my 20 years of container gardening in Colorado, I’ve discovered there are small adjustments we can make for our tricky growing conditions that make a HUGE difference for our flowerpots.

I’ve also noticed friends trying to figure out western flowerpots on their own, which can be hit or miss in our unique growing conditions, create unnecessary frustrations (isn’t gardening supposed to be relaxing?) and get pricey fast.

In recent years, I’ve coached clients one-on-one on how to create beautiful flowerpots that thrive all summer—even in our tricky western conditions.

For spring 2023, I’m going to offer a group coaching program. It’s going to be online, so people beyond Denver can get the scoop on how to create showy, long-lasting flowerpots in the semi-arid, gotta-have-some-moxie West.

This is going to be a small, intimate group. Very interactive. Very hands on. Very fun.

If you want to be the first to hear when it’s ready…

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Western Flowerpots That Wow

Ann at Go West Gardener

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