“Why Should I Plant Flower Pots This Summer?”

by | Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Why plants flower pots this summer? Here are 8 good reasons to do so!

If you’re wondering, “Why should I plant flower pots this summer?”, here are 8 reasons to dig into this awesome hobby in 2021.

#1: Planting flowers reduces stress and makes you feel better.

Studies show that getting out in nature calms us and makes us feel better.


It actually has an effect on our brains. When we’re out in nature, our brains produce fewer stress hormones, and our positive emotions skyrocket. (Source: Health Magazine, “The Happiness Handbook,” March 2020.)

I love the idea that we’re not only creating beauty on our back decks, but we’re creating it in our brains too, don’t you?

Planting flowers reduces stress and makes you feel better.

#2: It could be another summer with quality time at home.

Hopefully, you’ll be back to big vacays and extended family reunions soon.

But if you do find yourself in hangout mode, you’re going to want to be outside with something fun to do, right?

This makes 2021 the perfect summer to try planting flowers or expanding your flower skills.

Planting flower pots is a way to enjoy your time at home.

#3: Flower pots are a great way to try gardening to see if you like it.

Flower pots give you a chance to try gardening without a huge commitment.

Before you turn into a weekend warrior and dig up your front yard with grand plans of a Martha Stewart Living landscape, start with growing flowers in pots.

They’re a great way to try flower gardening to see if you enjoy it. If you reach the end of the summer and it wasn’t your thing, no harm, no foul.

Start your flower pots with confidence this summer! Check out my free mini-training: The Top 5 Mistakes in Flowerpot Gardening (and How to Easily Avoid Them)

Growing flowers in pots is a way to develop a new skill.

#4: Helloooooo, curb appeal! Flower pots are an easy way to make your outdoor spaces look GOOD.

You put so much care into the inside of your home. Why not put a little love into your front porch or back deck too?

Planting flower pots can make your outdoor space as welcoming as your family room.

You’ll LOVE stepping outside into your own beautiful escape.

Flower pots make your outdoor spaces look good.

#5: You can get big results in just one summer.

Planting an in-ground garden takes time, effort and investment. It can take perennials (the flowers that come back every year) up to 3 years to reach their full size — and even longer for shrubs and trees!

But growing flowers in pots?

You can go from baby flowers to gorgeous, overflowing pots that have your neighbors saying “wow” in just one summer.

Why plant flower pots? You can get big color in one summer.

#6: Planting flower pots helps you get in touch with nature.

“I didn’t realize how out of touch with nature I was.”

It’s something I hear over and over again from budding gardeners when they reflect on what surprised them most about flower gardening.

Growing flowers is therapeutic.

There’s something grounding about putting your hands in the dirt and reconnecting with the earth.

Growing flowers in pots is a way to reconnect with nature.

#7: It’s a fun activity to involve your loved ones and friends.

You may think of container gardening as a solo hobby.

But I’m always amazed at all the fun ways to involve your honey, your kiddos or even your neighbors — from shopping for flowers, to caring for your flowers, to having neighbors stop and chat about your pretty creations.

Growing flowers is a way to bring people together. Flowers are a magnet for connecting.

You can involve in your kids in planting flower pots.

#8: It’s personally rewarding.

“I didn’t expect to enjoy growing flowers as much as I did. It was extremely fulfilling.”

This is another thing I consistently hear from budding gardeners!

When your flowers look good, YOU feel good. You’ve brought this beautiful creation to life. Your effort has been worth it. And you’ll discover talents you never knew you had.

It can be incredibly rewarding.

Growing flower pots is very rewarding, whether your container garden is big or small.

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