Find a Botanical Garden Near You in Colorado, Utah & the Intermountain West

by | Updated: Nov 15, 2021

How to find a local botanical garden in Colorado, Utah and the intermountain west

Walk among the flowers and feel your stress lift away!

Visiting a local botanical garden is a wonderful way to relax in nature AND find inspiration for your own garden.

Many local botanical gardens feature beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees that grow well in our tricky, semi-arid climate.

Here are links to botanical gardens in the intermountain west, so you can find a botanical garden near you.

Botanical gardens in Colorado

Find prairie gardens at your local botanical garden.

Botanical gardens in Utah

Example of a succulent garden, like you may be able to find at botanic gardens near you

Botanical gardens in New Mexico

Botanical gardens in Idaho

Botanic gardens in Wyoming

Botanic gardens in Montana

Example of a rock garden

If you don’t see your state listed above, simply search for phrases like:

  • Botanic gardens near [your city or state]
  • Best gardens in [your city or state]

The American Horticulture Society has a search feature on their website to help people find botanical gardens that welcome members from other gardens. I find their search tool useful if you want to find botanical gardens by state.

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