8 Gift Ideas for Flower Lovers, Including Beginner Gardeners

by | Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Gifts for flower lovers

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas that are unusual, helpful or a little splurge…

I’ve got you covered with a range of fun gift ideas for flower lovers, especially beginner gardeners.

And if you’re looking for gardening gift ideas for yourself… well, then, share this article with friends or leave it out on the kitchen counter where your honey can’t miss it.

(Wink, wink!)

I’m not an affiliate for the brands below unless noted. I’m simply sharing them for your convenience.

Flowerpot Holders for Railings

Elevate your container garden

If you’ve tried growing flowers in pots on a deck or a small apartment balcony, you know how much beauty they can bring… But you also know how much space they can take up.

Problem solved with these clever flowerpot holders from Hooks and Lattice!

Photos used with the permission of Hooks and Lattice

Flowerpot holder for railings - a great gift idea for a flower lover who has a small space for gardening, like an apartment balcony or deck

These floating flowerpots will not only free up your foot space, but they’ll pull your eye up too, creating a beautiful display of flowers on your railings.

You can easily attach the brackets to a railing, and the holders come in several sizes, including 8” and 10”.

Round hoop that holds a flowerpot for a container garden attached to a railing

When placing an order, you’ll typically select the holder (the hoop) + a “rail kit” (the piece that attaches to the railing). Select the 6” rail kit to hang one pot. Select the longer rail kits if you wish to hang several pots. You also can order lightweight pots that easily fit into the holders.

Shop the 8″ planter holders here >> and the 10″ planter holders here >>

Hooks and Lattice has wonderful customer service, so if you have any questions, they’re happy to help.

Moisture Meter

Take the guesswork out of watering

Looking for a gift idea for a beginner gardener that will make flower gardening EASIER?

Give a moisture meter!

A moisture meter is a creative gift for flower lovers who are beginner gardeners. It will help their flowers live longer!

With our drying winds and low humidity in western states, it can be tricky to tell when the flowers in your pots need water. Often times, the surface of your soil may feel dry, but it’s actually quite damp around your plants’ roots.

A moisture meter tells you when your flowers are dry, moist or wet, so you know exactly when you need to water. No need to guess!

And that means… your flowers are more likely to last.

You can find moisture meters at local garden centers or on Amazon.

Local Flower Bouquet Subscriptions

Brighten your home with fresh, fragrant bouquets

If you’re looking for an unusual gift idea for the flower lover in your life — like your mom or your honey — this is it!

Imagine having a bouquet of freshly-cut flowers on your table each week during the summer.

(Do you feel the stress lifting away just thinking about it?)

For a unique gift for flower lovers, give an unusual bouquet from a local flower farmer

Photos used with the permission of Piper’s Lane

And I’m not talking about your same-old, same-old flower bouquets from the grocery store.

I’m talking about fresh bouquets from a local flower grower. These flowers:

  • Contain unusual flowers you just can’t find in store bouquets
  • Smell wonderful because they’re newly picked from the garden
  • Have been grown locally (rather than flown in from South America, which is where many of the store bouquets come from)

A unique flower bouquet is a fun idea for a mom or wife who gardens

Let me introduce you to Piper’s Lane — an “urban flower farmette” in Denver, Colorado. The founder, Kristen, offers a flower bouquet subscription service for the local community.

These beautiful bouquets are made up of unique and seasonal flowers that are all grown from seed without chemicals. You can choose from several types of subscriptions (which Kristen calls “shares”) in the spring, summer and/or autumn.

A creative flower bouquet with allium and anenomes

You pay in advance, and then simply pick up your flower bouquets on your designated weeks.

Shop your subscription options here >>

Don’t live in Denver? No worries, you’ve still got options!

You can find local flower farmers near you who offer interesting flower services of their own. To find unique growers in your area, check the Floret flower farmer network.

Decorative Garden Art

Add a pop of color to your flowerpots and garden beds

I “ooooohed” out loud when I saw these rustic, metal flowers on Etsy by a shop called Iron Bird Salvage.

An unusual gift idea for beginner gardeners: decorative garden art like these rustic metal flowers

Photos used with the permission of Iron Bird Salvage

What a fun way to add color and whimsy to your garden!

Plus, if you have an open space in your flowerpots, this type of garden art is also a great way to fill the space.

You can buy as many flowers as you like — from a single flower to a full “bouquet” — and you get to choose your colors.

These rustic, metal flowers may look painted, but they’re actually made out of recycled materials, like old wheelbarrows, toolboxes, wagons and more. Each flower is the color of the reclaimed metal item it’s being made from.

These colorful metal flowers are a unique gift idea for flower lovers, like your mom or wife

The flowers are cut by hand, so they’re all unique. And because they’re made from reclaimed metal, they may have imperfections. That’s part of the rustic charm!

Shop for these decorative metal flowers here >>

Flower Seeds

Grow beautiful flowers from a pretty packet of seeds

Seeds are another fun gift idea for flower lovers!

Check out the high-quality seeds from Botanical Interests (a Colorado company). Each of their seed packets comes with gorgeous illustrations and helpful instructions.

Seriously, the seed packets are a gift in themselves. They’re little works of art!

Zinnia seeds make a great gift for gardeners in Colorado & the West because these flowers are heat-tolerant

Seed packet illustrations used with the permission of Botanical Interests

Flower seeds are a great gift idea for garden lovers, like these cosmos seeds

Some seeds need to be started indoors, but other seeds can be grown right from the ground — like the seeds for zinnias and cosmos (pictured above).

Zinnias and cosmos are flowers that grow well in Colorado and similar western states. They’re “annuals,” meaning they’ll give you vibrant color for one summer, but typically won’t return. Zinnias thrive in the heat, and cosmos don’t mind a little neglect. (How’s that for a good combo?) And yes, you can get them in different colors.

Shop zinnia seeds here >>   Shop cosmos seeds here >>

And for seeds that are easy to grow, check out California poppies.

California poppies are easy to grow from seed, making them a great gift for a beginner gardener

These vibrant flowers will add a splash of color to your garden. They thrive in sunny spots with poor soil, and they don’t need a lot of water. Yay!

They’re one-season flowers in states like Colorado, but they’ll likely set seeds of their own and come back in future years.

Shop California poppy seeds here >>

Botanical Interests sells seeds to gardeners across the country. So, when you’re buying flower seeds, just make sure you’re getting flowers that are a good fit for your part of the country. This is another company with great customer service, so they’re happy to help. (FYI, I’m an affiliate for Botanical Interests. I’ll receive a small commission, at no cost to you, should you purchase these items.)

Botanic Garden Tickets or Memberships

Enjoy the experience of exploring beautiful gardens

If your idea of the perfect garden gift is an experience (rather than stuff), may I suggest a membership to a local botanic garden?

Taking time to explore beautiful gardens is an awesome way to discover flowers you like. Not to mention, being outside in nature is shown to lower stress.

(Yes, please!)

If a membership feels like too much, a ticket for a day is a lovely gift idea too.

Keep in mind, the flower gardens will be in their full glory during the spring and summer in the West. And during Covid, you may need to pick a specific date and time for entry.

For a creative garden gift idea, take a friend at a local botanic gardens for the day

Here are links to some botanic gardens in the Rocky Mountain region:

If you live in another part of the country, simply search for phrases like:

  • Botanic gardens near [your city or state]
  • Best gardens in [your city or state]

By the way, you also can find many free gardens, including the gorgeous Betty Ford Alpine Gardens in Vail and the educational Conservation Garden Park in Salt Lake City.

A creative gift idea for a flower lover could be meeting up to stroll through local gardens and then going out for drinks or dinner. (Socially distanced, of course!)

Floral Snips

Keep your flowers looking tidy

Floral snips are like scissors for plants, and they’re a great gift for beginner gardeners who want to grow pretty flowers.

Floral snips are an unusual gift idea for beginner gardeners

Floral snips make it easy to trim off dead blooms, so new flower buds can grow in.

Best of all, you can be really precise in your cuts, so you don’t accidentally remove more of the flowers than you intended.

I keep a pair of floral snips near my back door in the summer. That way, I can grab them when I walk outside and quickly tidy up my flowerpots and garden beds. Snip, snip, snip!

You can find floral snips at your local garden center and on Amazon. 

Shirts for Flower Lovers

Show the world you’re a plant mom (or plant dad)

I like a cute t-shirt… and when the shirt has a clever movie reference too?

Well, they had me at hello.

So, when I found this shirt for aspiring gardeners on Etsy, it instantly won me over.

This cute tshirt is a fun gift idea for gardeners and plant moms

Photo used with permission of Ollie+Penny

If this shirt is tricky to read on a mobile device, it says: “Just a girl. Standing in front of her plants. Asking them not to die.”

(Any other “Notting Hill” fans out there?)

This is another gift with a hint of whimsy, and I think it’s a great gift idea for flower lovers, especially beginner gardeners.

Shop this cute shirt here >>

I know this gift may be better suited for women gardeners, but guys, check out Etsy to find shirts for plant dads. You’ll find a variety to choose from.

By the way, if this shirt sums up your gardening mantra…

I hope you’ll sign up for my flower gardening tips for rookie gardeners.

I send a new tip every few weeks, so you can up your garden game and create an outdoor space you love. (No green thumb required!)

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