Flower Gardening Podcast: Find Your Confidence With Flowerpot Gardening

by | Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Podcast: An introduction to flowerpot gardening for beginner gardeners in western states like Colorado and Utah

Wondering how to get started with flowerpot gardening?

Pop in your ear buds, find a comfy spot and listen to this 30-minute episode of the @liveblissedout podcast!

I was honored to be a guest and chat about flowerpot gardening in Colorado, Utah and the West. Click the blue play button below to listen.

In this flower gardening podcast, you’ll discover:

  • How to feel more confident growing flowers — even if you’ve struggled or you’ve never grown a flower before
  • What to think about when choosing flowers for pots, so your flowers live longer
  • How to INSTANTLY make your flowerpots prettier
  • How to know how many flowers to buy, so you don’t waste money
  • Where to buy flowers if you like unique flower blooms (beyond the home improvement stores)
  • And more!

Logo for the Live Blissed Out weekly podcast featuring the show on flowerpot gardening in Colorado, Utah & the West

The Live Blissed Out podcast is an educational variety show focusing on how you can achieve happiness through awareness and taking action. I loved being a guest.

Hey, do you know your flowerpot personality?

Take this fun, 2-minute quiz to find out! You’ll also get personalized ideas for flowers, so growing flowers is relaxing — not taxing.

Take this fun quiz >>

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What type of flowerpot gardener are you?

What type of flowerpot gardener are you?

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