11 of the Best Gifts for Flower Lovers 2022 (That Western Gardeners Will Loooove)

by | Updated: Nov 14, 2022

11 of the best gifts for flower lovers -- fun gift ideas that flower gardeners will love

Looking for fun gift ideas for flower lovers in the West?

You’ll find 11 of the best gift ideas for flower lovers below — perfect for holidays, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and more.

And if you’re looking for gardening gift ideas for yourself… well, then, share this article with friends or leave it out on the kitchen counter where your honey can’t miss it.

(Wink, wink!)

I don’t make a commission for the products below. I’m simply sharing them because sharing is caring, y’all.

Botanic Garden Tickets or Memberships

Share the experience of exploring beautiful gardens

If your idea of the best garden gift is an experience (rather than stuff), may I suggest a membership to a local botanical garden?

Taking time to explore beautiful gardens is a fun and relaxing way to discover flowers that grow well in our semi-arid climate.

Not to mention, being outside in nature has shown to lower stress.

Yes, please!

Want to keep it simple? A one-day ticket is a good gift idea for a flower lover too. You could meet up to stroll through the gardens and then head out for drinks or dinner.

Here’s how to find botanic gardens near you >>

Pretty, Metal Plant Markers

Keep track of plants in an attractive way

Love this copper plant market -- a fun gift idea for gardeners!
Plant markers come in handy for remembering plant names and for remembering whether flowers are planted. Add the to your gift list!

Photos courtesy of Gardener’s Supply Company / gardeners.com

Plant markers come in handy for all kinds of reasons — from remembering the names of flowers, to keeping track of where you planted your spring bulbs (like tulips and daffodils).

X marks the spot!

But the plastic plant tags you get when you buy your flowers can break easily, get buried or blow away. Plus, they aren’t that pretty.

Gardener’s Supply Company has come up with a good solution: metal, weatherproof plant markers that are attractive, as well as functional.

Made of galvanized steel, these plant markers are 10″ long, so they’re easy to stick into the soil and they’ll last a long time. You can choose either a copper label tag or a zinc-coated label tag.

Give copper plant markers or steel plant markers as a gift to your favorite flower lover!

Flower Photography Classes

Inspire an artistic soul

Flower photography classes are a unique gift for flower lovers.
A fun gardening gift is flower photography classes for someone who loves flowers.

One thing I’ve noticed about flower lovers is many of us enjoy taking photos of our plant babies.

If your favorite flower gardener would like to get better at taking artistic photos of flowers, there are online classes that can help.

Here are two of my faves:

  • Creative Live has a variety of online training courses to help people channel their creativity. They offer a self-paced course called The Art of Flower Photography. It’s designed to help students improve their skills with “macro” flower photography (close-up photos of flowers). Tip: This course often goes on big-time sale!
  • Click Photo School offers an interactive experience in their course: The Art of Macro Photography. In this 4-week, guided online course, students receive weekly instruction, can submit flower photos for feedback and can ask questions. Tip: Sign up for “full participation” to get the most from this experience.

Both of these classes would be a good gift idea for flower lovers who have basic knowledge of how to use a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

(These classes probably aren’t the right fit for someone who primarily takes photos with a phone. But worth noting: Creative Live and Click Photo School also offer beginner classes on how to get started with photography.)

Gift Cards to Local, Independent Garden Centers

Give the joy of flower gardening

You could give a flower lover a gift card to a local garden center.

To be clear, I’m NOT talking about a gift card you pull off the rack for a home improvement store.

Nope, nope, nope! Step away from the gift card kiosk. 🙂

I’m talking about heading to a local, independent garden center — a store that specializes in plants and flowers — and getting a gift card. Think of these stores like book shops for people who love to read.

The flower lover in your life can use that gift money to buy flowers, pretty flowerpots, garden art, special garden tools…

Sooooo many ways to spend that money, so little time!

To find an independent garden center near you, simply search for: local garden center in [your city or area] or plant nursery in [your city or area].

Flower Seeds

Grow beautiful flowers from a pretty packet of seeds

Seed packet illustration courtesy of Botanical Interests

How much joy can come from a little packet of seeds?


Seeds make fun hostess gifts and stocking stuffers for flower lovers.

If you’re new to choosing flower seeds, I suggest zinnias.

Unlike many seeds, zinnias can be grown right from the ground, so they’re easier to grow.

Zinnias are native to Mexico. This means they’re heat tolerant, which is awesome for our hot summers in Colorado, Utah and similar western states. These flowers offer vibrant color for one summer, but typically won’t return. Best of all, zinnias make beautiful “cut flower” arrangements. You can cut them, put them in vases and watch as even more blooms fill in!

In the photos below, you’ll see the “Cut and Come Again” zinnias I grew from seeds last summer and my last bouquet of the season. (There are a couple of cosmos flowers tucked in the bouquet too.)

I get many of my seeds from Botanical Interests.

They’re a seed company based in Colorado. Each of their seed packets comes with gorgeous illustrations and helpful instructions. Their seed packets are little works of art — so they make good flower gardener gifts!

Botanical Interests sells seeds to gardeners across the country. So, if you want to buy flower seeds, just make sure you’re choosing flowers that are a good fit for where you live. (They have great customer service and are happy to help.)

Shop zinnia seeds here >>

Plant Books for Western Gardeners

Discover flowers that thrive in our semi-arid climate

In my opinion, one of the trickier things about gardening in the semi-arid West is figuring out which flowers, shrubs and trees grow well here.

Many plants from other parts of the country don’t like our growing conditions — or they’re gas-guzzlers for water.

One of my favorite books for discovering beautiful, drought-tolerant plants is called: “Waterwise Plants for Sustainable Gardens.”

This book is ideal for gardeners of all levels — from new gardeners to avid gardeners. It contains helpful photos and lots of inspiration.

Sometimes, you can find this book at local, independent garden centers. Or:

Shop for the book online here >>

Floral Snips

Keep flowers looking pretty and tidy

Floral snips are good gift idea for new flower gardeners, including beginner gardeners

Floral snips are like scissors for plants. They’re a good gift for flower gardeners, especially new gardeners.

Floral snips make it easy to trim off dead blooms, so new flower buds can grow in.

Best of all, you can be really precise in your cuts, so you don’t accidentally remove more of the flowers than you intended.

I keep a pair of floral snips near my back door in the summer. That way, I can grab them when I walk outside and quickly tidy up my flowerpots and garden beds. Snip, snip, snip!

You can find floral snips at your local garden center and on Amazon.

Local Flower Bouquet Subscriptions

Brighten a home with fresh and unusual bouquets

A unique flower bouquet is a fun idea for a mom or wife who gardens
A creative flower bouquet with allium and anenomes

Photos courtesy of Piper’s Lane

If you’re looking for creative or unusual gift ideas for flower lovers, give a subscription to a local flower service.

(Imagine having a bouquet of freshly-cut flowers on your kitchen table each week during the summer. Ahhhhh!)

These aren’t your same-old, same-old bouquets from the grocery store. I’m talking about fresh and unique bouquets from a local flower farmer. These flowers:

  • Smell wonderful because they’re freshly picked from the garden
  • Contain unusual flowers you just can’t find in store bouquets
  • Have been grown close to you rather than flown in from South America, which is where many of the store bouquets come from

If you live in the south Denver area, definitely check out Piper’s Lane. The founder, Kristen, has an urban farm and offers a local, flower bouquet subscription service.

Kristen’s beautiful bouquets are made up of unique and seasonal flowers that are grown from seed without chemicals. You can choose from several types of subscriptions (which Kristen calls “shares”) in the spring, summer and/or autumn. You pay in advance. Then, you simply pick up your flower bouquets on your designated weeks.

Live someplace else?

To find local flower farmers near you and explore their unique services, check out the Floret flower farmer network.

Decorative Garden Art

Add a pop of color to flowerpots and garden beds

Close-up look at decorative garden art -- these rustic metal flowers make good gift ideas

Photos courtesy of Iron Bird Salvage

Gotta love a little garden bling!

These rustic, metal flowers from Iron Bird Salvage look super-cute tucked in flowerpots or planted in the garden. I have several bunches in my shade garden. They add a pretty pop of color, and friends always ask about them.

These flowers may look painted, but they’re actually made out of recycled materials, like old wheelbarrows, toolboxes, wagons and more. Each flower is the color of the reclaimed metal item it’s being made from. You can buy as many flowers as you like, and you get to choose your colors.

The flowers are cut by hand, so they’re all unique. And because they’re made from reclaimed metal, they have imperfections. That’s part of the rustic charm.

They make fun gifts for flower lovers!

Shop for these decorative metal flowers here >>

Cute Shirts for Flower Lovers

Show the world you’re a plant mom (or plant dad)

Give a plant dad shirt to a man who gardens
This cute tshirt is a fun gift idea for beginner gardeners and plant moms

Photos courtesy of Ollie+Penny

I like a cute t-shirt… and when the shirt has a clever movie reference too?

Well, they had me at hello.

If you’re trying to read the last shirt on a mobile device, it says: “Just a girl. Standing in front of her plants. Asking them not to die.”

(Any other “Notting Hill” fans out there?)

This shirt is cheeky — a fun gift idea for new gardeners.

Shop these cute shirts from Ollie+Penny here:

Paperwhite Bulbs (Narcissus)

Brighten up winter with these beauties

Photo courtesy of Longfield Gardens

Brighten up a looooong winter with the gift of paperwhite bulbs.

These flowers are easy to grow inside during the winter.

Yep, indoor winter flowers!

Check out the Longfield Gardens website to:

Happy gifting!
Guide: 10 of the Best Long-Blooming Flowers for the Semi-Arid West

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