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Hi there, I’m Ann. I help western flower gardeners create more beauty with less effort, so they can enjoy outdoor spaces that have friends saying, “Wowww!”

If you’ve ever admired your neighbors’ gardens and thought, “I wish I could do that,”
you’re in the right place. 🌻

Find inspiration for your western garden

Free flower guide for Colorado, Utah and the West

Discover 10 of the best long-blooming perennials for the semi-arid West, & enjoy months of color!

Colorado gardening guide

Find out 7 ways that gardening in Colorado is dramatically different than other regions.

It’s not you …
It’s flower gardening in the West

You know those parts of the country where you dig a few holes, plop in plants and watch them grow into a lush jungle?

All the while, you sip chilled beverages and laugh about how easy flower gardening is.

That isn’t Colorado or the interior west.  🙂

Located in the semi-arid, high steppe of North America, we have unique conditions for growing flowers. Throw in the Rocky Mountains, and well, it’s an adventure!

More like Patagonia than Pittsburgh

Did you know that our growing conditions are often more like parts of Patagonia, South Africa and Central Asia than other parts of the U.S.?

(Explains a few things, doesn’t it?)


 Here’s the good news …

You CAN grow colorful flowers in western states like Colorado even if:

  • You’re just getting the hang of gardening at elevation … in a semi-arid climate … with 60-degree temperature swings … and wait, is that an ELK in your yard?
  • You don’t have endless hours to spend in your garden
  • You don’t have a mind like Martha Stewart (nor should you have to!)
California poppies and blanket flower add color to Colorado gardens in the late spring and summer
Jupiters Beard is a drought tolerant perennial for Colorado
Orange hummingbird mint adds a pop of color to a waterwise garden (and these flowers attract hummingbirds too)
Blue allium is a flower that blooms in the late spring in Colorado

But when learning how to garden, it helps to have a guide to skip over the bumps that surprise many gardeners here. 🌻

Ann from Go West Gardener with her flowerpots and garden

  If we haven’t said hello on a Colorado hiking trail …

Hi there, I’m Ann

Western garden journalist. Master gardener. Dog mama.

I grew up in a family of gardeners, but when I moved west, I quickly discovered that gardening in our high-altitude, dry conditions is an adventure!

So, I became a master gardener and a professional garden writer. And I’ve learned a ton through 20 years of practice too.

When flower gardening clicks, it’s such a fun way to relax and reconnect with nature. I created Go West Gardener to help western gardeners navigate our tricky growing conditions, so you can create a flower garden you love.

“Growing flowers is so much more rewarding”

“Because of Ann’s awesome gardening tips, my annuals are lasting much longer, and my flowers are thriving. Growing flowers is so much more rewarding.”

Ana Zellars | Golden, Colorado

Western flower gardening is an adventure

Where would you like to begin?

Go from, “I hope this grows,” to, “I’ve totally got this”

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